Injection molding is the process of manufacturing and producing parts in large quantities. It is normally used where mass-production processes are applied and hundreds of the same parts are required to be manufactured. The process can be used to produce toys, automotive body parts, water bottles, cell phone cases and containers.

As a matter of fact, most of these plastic items and things we use today are manufactured by injection molding. It is a fast process in case you want to create multiple parts of a commodity. These are many items that resemble each other like producing thousands of cell phone cases if not millions.

This process is very flexible in producing distinct sizes and shapes of parts and therefore has widened the scope of the parts that can be manufactured by the China mold factory. The plastic injection molding manufacturer produces disposable consumer goods and also high rigor engineering components. The following are the most common materials used in this process:5-Tips-To-Know-Injection-Molding-Manufacturer-Processing

• Nylon PA

• Polycarbonate PC

• ABS which is Acrolynitrile-Butadiene-Styrene

• Polypropylene PP

Loxin which is a big injection molding supplier in China uses the following procedure in injection molding:

• Plastic granules are stored in Hopper and from here they go to the Screw and Barrel. The plastic material here is going to be fused via the churning process. Churning of this screw is done by a motor which is normally attached to the screw barrel assembly at the backside.

• After the wanted amount of fused plastic is attained on the tip belonging to the screw, the churning process now stops and ready for injection to the material. The mold is then closed by Pneumatic process or the Hydraulic process.

• The material that is fused in now injected to the mold via a nozzle.

• Here only the material is being injected. In this stage, two processes are again involved and that is;

o The screw will go back to its initial position and start the churning process once more.

o The mold cools down for it to eject the molded part.

• Now lastly the mold will open up and the molded article will fall down assisted by ejector pins in the mold.

Why Apply Injection Molding

The principal merit of using this production method is to scale the production of parts. Once you pay up the cost for setting up the machines the cost of production per unit is very low. The price even seems to reduce more as the production of the parts increases. Another advantage is that the process produces very low scrap rates as compared to traditional injection molding processes such as CNC machining.

This traditional method cuts off substantial percentages of plastic sheets. This basically insinuates that the China mold factory is more efficient as it uses up more plastic material meaning there is less wastage of resources.

The process is again repeatable. This means that you are producing identical items or parts. It is an ideal characteristic in achieving brand consistency and also having reliable parts in large quantities.

The fundamentals of this process, however, remain constant. There are no many changes that the plastic injection molding manufacturer can make to it. This is because the more the technology will be introduced in injection molding, the more it will become complicated in building a molding machine.