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About Yilinlong – Your Quality Plastic Mold Manufacturer

YILINLONG, professional plastic mold manufacturer in China, we focus on design and manufacturing plastic molds for

the Automotive, Home Appliances and other sectors.

Excited and ready to help support your project from the early stages of part development and tool design to fabrication and parts production via professional engineering, manufacturing, and project management, we are confident that our service level is second to none.

When you choose YILINLONG— whether it’s for a single part, a small run or a multi-year contract — you’ll get the same attention to detail, the same problem-solving approach, the same quality solution. That’s the YILINLONG promise.

Making our customers satisfying, Keeping our customer successful is the goal of YILINLONG.


Why Choose Yilinlong Tech ?

Are you planning to get a supply of custom injection molds and probably do not have an idea of which Company is likely to offer effective products? If yes, then this article will be a perfect guide for you as it tries to highlight various reasons as to why you should choose Yilinlong Tech as your supplier in injection molds.

There are thousands of injection mold manufactures in China and therefore, determining the ideal company to partner with can quite be difficult. Not all factories offer genuine products or even provide the various services at affordable prices and there is thus the need to be careful on the company that you settle for.

Yilinlong Tech has been in existence for more than 15 years now and has proved to be the leading producer of the custom injection mold through the exemplary services to the various customers. It would thus be a wise choice to consider us as your partner in supply of mold related products. Below are some of the reasons as to why you should consider our company.

All products are availed at affordable prices

At Yilinlong Tech, all manufacturing process is done within the company and nothing is ordered from other companies and hence ensuring that all products are traded at the factory price to the various customers. We do not supply our products through any middle persons but rather directly to our clients. Brokers usually charge higher prices on the products in order to get their profits and therefore that is why we avail all products directly to the users to avoid such costs and hence avail the products at affordable prices to our clients.

Highly experienced in production of mold

As mentioned earlier on, Yilinlong has been in operation for more than 15 years and therefore has efficient knowledge in production of molds and the related services to out esteemed customers. We have transacted with various customers even in the European countries and have always given a positive feedback on our services. If you still don’t believe in us then you can refer from your country on the kind of services offered. We can even provide contacts of the various clients served if they allow us to do so. 

Quality services are offered

Our engineers are highly skilled and you can be sure that they offer quality services that meet our customer’s satisfaction. Our main goal is to ensure that all clients are fully satisfied in the mold injection services offered and the company is always ready to even make any changes to meet the customer demands.

Our managers are friendly and communicate directly to you if you need a supply of our products without involving any intermediaries. This is in contrast to other manufactures who hire sales ladies to promote the products as they pay them on a commission basis. This calls for more costs as the amount is later transferred to the price of the products. 



We have solid expertise in design, mold making, and in optimizing molding parameters that exceed the industry average. Through our extensive expertise, we are also able to understand your goals and your current and future needs. Productivity and performance are at the heart of our concerns.


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Yilinlong extends its expertise to sectors for the Automotive, Home Appliances and others. For all of its customers, Yilinlong develops customized solutions for a wide range of parts, large or small, servicing both aesthetic and structural needs.

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