Injection molding is the most common method for mass manufacturing plastic products. Some plastic molded products are chairs, toys, disposal cutlery, cases for consumer electronics and all-time favorite Lego bricks, etc.

Now in this article, we will help you learn how injection molding works and who is the best injection molding supplier in China. In addition, you will learn the injection molding cost. But before all that, here is a small history of Injection molding:

Injection molding was invented to solve the problem of billiards. In the 19th Century, billiard balls were composed of ivory harvested from the tusk of African elephants. This devastated the elephant population, so the billiards manufacturers offered a ten-thousand-dollar prize for a replacement of ivory.

This spurred John Wesley Hyatt to develop one of the first plastics – celluloid – to create billiard balls. He patented an apparatus for molding products from celluloid. This apparatus was the birth of plastic injection molding.

Now, as you can see the history of injection molding is quite rich & interesting, but it will be more interesting for you to learn what exactly plastic molding is.

What is plastic molding?

Plastic molding is the process of shaping the plastic into a simple or complex solid form with the help of liquid polymer. Now, this polymer is a flexible or versatile material (polyethylene or polypropylene) that is placed in the hollow mold so that the polymer can take its shape. The end result totally depends on the process or the method that is used. Down below are the types of plastic molding methods along with the common uses of each type.

Types of plastic molding techniques/methods

1: Rational Molding

Common uses – recycling bin, pet houses, playground slides, storage tank, car parts, etc.

2: Injection Molding

Common uses – Both complex parts (car parts) and simple parts (toys)

3: Blow Molding

Common uses – Fuel tanks, bottles, and plastic drums.

4: Compression Molding

Common uses – Strong and durable end products

5: Extrusion Molding

Common uses –Straws, PVC pipes, hoses.

6: Thermoforming

Common Uses – Disposal containers, cups, trays.

Now, let us move further and learn how injection molded parts reach at the end of the processing line, we are talking about:

How does Injection Mold Work?Best Choice For Injection Molding China Manufacturing

An overview of the injection process –

  • Melt Plastic
  • Inject it into the mold
  • Let it cool and get the end product.

But in reality injection molding is much more complex process than that. Here is how:

The process

1. An injection machine has three main parts – the injection unit, the mold and the clamp. Plastic pallet in the hopper feed into the of the injection unit.

2. Inside the barrel, a screw transport the pellets forward.

3. Heater bands that are wrapped around the barrel warm up the plastic pellets.

4. As the pellets are moved forward by the screw, they gradually melt and entirely molten by the time they reach the front of the barrel.

5. Once enough molten plastic is in front of the screw, it rams forward like the plunger of a syringe. And in a matter of seconds, the screw injects the molten plastics into the empty part of the mold called cavity image.

6. The plastics solidifies in under a minute, then the mold opens and the part is ejected.

7. The mold then closes and the process is repeats.

Now, the question arises, though the process is complex, what is the cost of the whole process and products included? This is the question that will have answers in next paragraph.

What is plastic injection moulding cost?

The cost of injection molding varies due to several factors, some of those factors are –

  • The size of injection moldplastic injection mold 07
  • How complex is the plastic part that is to be molded
  • The injection mold type
  • Number of mold cavities

A usual injection mold can cost somewhere between $5000 to $16,000 USD.

A simple injection mold can cost a couple of thousand dollars. (Depending on the factors)

Complex injection mold can cost above $60,000 USD

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The bottom line is – Injection Molding is a complex procedure that must be handled and processed by experienced people as it is the end product that determines whether the company is worth investing in.