China Customized Injection Mold Making Company

Injection mold making is a very common method of manufacturing custom plastic parts that could be used in the home appliances, automotive and other sectors. In this article, we will take a closer look at Injection mold making and injection machines.

At last, we will introduce you to a very reputed leading injection molding manufacturers in China and see how they function and can provide a great service.

But, before all that you need to go through some common applications and meaning of injection molding. So, without further ado let us start the article.

What is plastic injection molding?plastic injection mold

The plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process where custom plastic parts are produced by injecting molten plastic material into molds or sometimes called matrix.

A liquid polymer such as polypropylene or polyethylene is inserted into a hollow mold where the liquid polymer takes the shape.

Common uses of injection mold making

Injection mold making is commonly done to manufacture a high volume of custom plastic parts. There are different injection molding machines that could produce different outputs.

For example, large injection molding machines could mold car parts and smaller machines could mold very precise plastic parts that could be used for surgical applications.

  • Cost and time

Talking about the cost and time, injection molding is quite costly and time taking process too. There are several aspects that could affect the cost of the molding such as the size of the part, material, complexity, and anticipated quantity.

There are different stages of injection molding that can take uneven time, but typically it would take about 4-6 weeks or less for mass production.

  • Applications

The plastic injection mold making method is used to make things like:

Automotive partsToysPocket combsMusical instrumentsSmall tables and chairsMechanical partsBottle capsWire spoolsPackaging,Other plastic products we use every day

The things mentioned in this list is very limited in products and in sectors. There are many applications of plastic injection molding, from large parts to smaller parts.

Once you have learned about the plastic injection molding its function and applications, it is time for you to learn about a professional plastic manufacturing company. We are talking about:

LOXIN Mold Company

LOXIN is a reputed leading manufacturer and supplier company based in China. It designs, manufactures, and supplies plastic molds for different sectors including Automotive and Home appliances.

LOXIN engages itself with every project from the early stage of development. Their professional team focuses on every aspect of engineering, manufacturing and overall project management. They believe to give every second of their services to their customers.

Why trust in LOXIN Mold?

It is a very crucial question that may pop up into your mind. Here below are some highlights of LOXIN functionality that will give you the reasons to choose LOXIN as your best injection mold supplier.

Though there are several manufacturing companies out there in the market, not all the companies provide genuine and good quality products. LOXIN stands out from others as its primary focus is on supplying quality products at very affordable prices.

When it comes to manufacturing and supplying injection molds, surely the experience of the company needs serious consideration. LOXIN has been serving many customers for over 15 years and still, today is expanding its services all over the world.

Now, if you want a very precise answer to the previously asked question (why trust LOXIN) we could think of three very big reasons and they are:

1: All products are available at an affordable cost

LOXIN is a China-based company where labor cost is relatively cheaper, this means all the technicians and supervisors in LOXIN helps to deliver cost-efficient outputs.

Another reason why the prices are affordable –

LOXIN does not include any middle person, they directly supply the products to their clients, and this again saves you a lot of costs.

2: Highly experienced Company

The second and very important reason is that LOXIN is working for over 15 years in production of mold. This means they know what kind of knowledge they need to put while manufacturing the molds.

This improves the quality of the output and gives you another reason why you should rely on this company.

3: Quality Service

LOXIN has a team of highly skilled engineers, technicians, and staff that gives the company a confidence to offer a quality services to its customers.

Their main goal is to give utmost attention to their services so that the customers could get maximum satisfaction. In addition, the managers are very friendly and flexible and you can reach out to them directly without involving any mediators.

There you go 3 reasons why you should rely on LOXIN mold.


In this article, we discussed the injection mold making process and applications. Then we introduced you with a leading manufacturer and Supplier Company which is based in China – LOXIN Molds.

We gave you 3 big reasons why you should trust on LOXIN Molds, these reasons are deeply analyzed and surely are stronger than its competitors. Hope you find the information in this article helpful.

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