Plastic molding is a very widely used process in the industry because of the flexibility and the speed that it offers. It is very simple as well as a delicate process at the same time. China plastic molding industry is a very old and trusted industry because of the quality that it offers to the consumers.

Plastic molding is the process that allows us to mold the plastic into our desired shape and size. Because of the technological advancements that we have in the industry, nowadays we can also determine the flexibility of the plastic by altering the molding process. That’s why China plastic molding is a perfect fit for any kind of consumer. Various types of China plastic molding techniques used in the industry are-

Plastic Injection Molding

In this process, molten plastic is injected into a steel mold and after the plastic cools down in the plastic injection mold, it takes the desired shape and size. Plastic injection molds are very popular in the market. It is widely used in the mass production of many household items like chairs, tables, kitchen utensils, toys, containers, car accessories, bottle caps, etc.

Plastic Blow Molding

This process is similar to plastic injection molding but with only one difference that after putting the molten plastic into the mold, high pressurized air is blown into it which ensures that the molten plastic has touched the mold surface.

Plastic blow molding is extensively used in the production of bottles, container jars, tubes, etc.

Profile Extrusion Molding

Any product which has a fixed cross-section but does not have any layer of film or sheet can be very well molded by profile extrusion molding.

PVC pipes, window frames, etc. are profile extrusions.Thinking-Plastic-Molding,-Think-LOXIN-Mold

Plastic Rotational Molding

It is a process in which the molten plastic is applied in a rotational fashion under very high temperatures but low pressure. The machine that ejects the molten plastic rotates circularly and then the final product is ready.

It is used to manufacture circular toys, rowing boats, etc.

Plastic Compression Molding

In this process, a slug of heated plastic is put into a mold and then pressed to attain the desired shape and size. A vertical press is used in this process.

Electrical components, automobile parts, dishware and sporting accessories are the most common things that are molded through the plastic compression molding.

If the correct procedure of molding is adapted in manufacturing the product then the production cost can be drastically brought down and huge profits can be earned.

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