If you are looking for injection molding suppliers in China or plastic molding manufacturer who can provide you high-quality China injection molds at very reasonable prices then Loxin Mold can be the right choice for you. We design, manufacture, and supply plastic molds for various industries including home appliance and automotive industries etc.

We are always ready to help you in making your project successful from the very first stage of designing your molds, developing tools for it and fabricating the mold so that you can start manufacturing your product at large scale. In this way, we help our clients by using our professional skills, project management skills and manufacturing skills.

What to expect from Loxin

When you choose Loxin Mold to manufacture and supply plastic molds, whether it is for a single part or multiple parts, then you will get the same approach to solve your problems through quality solutions and attention. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers and help them in making their project successful.

Services provided by Loxin Mold

The service provided by Loxin Mold may include:

Custom Injection Molding service, Developing CAD Design and Suppliers in China-Making Injection Molds

Being an experienced supplier of quality plastic injection molds in China we design and manufacture custom injection molds. We also make injection molds for free depending upon the quality f your plastic molds. In short, our plastic injection molding process can help you in converting your business idea into a real business. So, if you want to sell your products by investing reasonably on them then you have reached the right place.

What you should tell us?

If you want China injection mold to manufacture a new product then you will have to tell us:

Type and style of your product ideaFunctions of the productQuantity to produce an annual basisAny special requirement in this regardYou should send your file with CAD designs if any

What you will get from us?

As plastic molding manufacturer in China we can offer you following ready-to-use plastic injection molding services:

Design the basic plastic moldCreate a prototype and testing its assemblyMaking parts of the plastic injection moldCompleting the process of plastic injection molding service

How to get free molds from us?Guidelines-Finding-a-Plastic-Molding-Company-in-China

You can get free molds from us depending upon the quantity of the plastic injection molds you want from us. When you send your product or show your idea then we will offer quotes at very competitive rates.You will have to deposit 50% cost of making mold while signing the final agreementWhen we will manufacture the number of molds as per your requirements then your deposit will be returned


The preferred method to manufacture custom plastic parts at a mass level in any industry is plastic injection molding. For your ready reference, some items listed here under:

Parts of automotiveHousings for electronic itemsBottle caps and containers for packagingComponents for medical usePlastic parts or household use

So, if you are looking for a cost-effective solution for manufacturing plastic injection molding parts then we at Loxin Mold can help you when you message us.