Quality Plastic Crate Molding Suppliers & Manufacturers in China

Plastic crates and boxes are broadly used for different storage and transportation purposes. In addition to wood and metal crates, these versatile products are also widely used because of their many beneficial functions.

Today, most well-known manufacturers and suppliers offer a large number of crates at an affordable price. They provide plastic boxes and containers of different sizes and colors.

Choosing the best suppliers and manufacturers.

Now there are a lot of manufacturers and suppliers, you need to know who are the best plastic crate mold suppliers —— LOXIN.


LOXIN manufacturers find the manufacturing of plastic crates to be quite simple. Why? It’s because plastic crates are the most common products for LOXIN. In addition to having its own mold making standards, LOXIN has a research and design team which that has always been successful in its first tryout. The R&D team ensures that customers’ needs are sorted in an updated manner and according to most recent technology.

Similarly, with the help of the R&D team, LOXIN can make products of different designs and structures. For example, one cavity plastic crate mold may be made using a single structure for hot runners, but the 2 and 4- plastic crate molds are made using double sided hot runners.

At the same time, in order to shorten its production cycle of the above-named plastic crate molds, Lixon specializes in a standard shape. The company does this so that it can guarantee you quality plastic crate molds. In addition to this, Lixon literally prepares some of the necessary mold components using ideas from plastic injection mold manufacturers, and this ensures an even better quality of plastic crates. Its no wonder theQuality-Plastic-Crate-Molding-Suppliers-&-Manufacturers-in-China-LOXIN-Mold company has so many orders of such plastic crates every month.

Why buy from LOXIN?

Have heard of a company, in the plastic crates industry, that makes its products with the help of customer inputs? If yes, then it must be Lixon. At lixon, we allow unique suggestions from our customers that help us to develop even better products. If you have an idea of how we can improve, feel free to come to us. We value every person’s opinions and ideas. With a combined effort from our staff and you, our customer, we guarantee you more value in our products.


If you had not found the right supplier yet, LOXIN is your matching verified supplier that will deliver the best quality products as per the most recent trends in the industry. For more information, visit our website at https://www.loxinmold.com/