Custom Injection Mold Design Service in China LOXIN MOLD

Custom Injection Mold Design Service in China

Are you a customer on the lookout for bulk or small quantity supplies of high class readymade or customized injection mold designs? If yes, then you are in the right place. We would like to get started by introducing Loxin Mold. They have, over the years become one of the most sought after and well known CUSTOM MOLD SERVICE company. They are known to provide high quality products that take care of the needs of custom injection mold design requirements of a wide range of customers. Their ability to offer high quality plastic injection mould has also won them the trust and confidence of customers not only in China but also across the world. It would be worthwhile looking into the history and track record of LOXIN MOLD so that readers could make up their mind when they are in the process of choosing the right CHINA MOULDING COMPANY.


There is no doubt that plastic products are very much in demand across the globe. However, there is a need for having the right plastic mould making machines that are known for their quality, versatility and other such factors. If one looks at the track record of LOXIN, there are enough reasons to believe that they have stood the test of time and have the required experience and expertise, both in making readymade as well as customized moulds of different sizes and specifications. This particular CHINA MOULD DESIGN company has been able to stand apart from the crowd because of a number of reasons. They are in a position to cater to the changing demands and requirements of their clients. Further, as customers, you will them to be extremely creative, innovative and cheap. They have become a renowned PLASTIC INJECTION MOLD MANUFACTUER because of the above reasons.

  • FOCUS ON QUALITY AND VERSATILITYCustom Injection Mold Design Service in China LOXIN MOLD

The company has some of the most modern custom molding machines. These machines are capable of offering the exact shape, and size and mass of molds taking into account the specific needs and requirements of the clients. They also are capable of offering molds that are products of out of the box thinking. Hence, in terms of creativity and innovation, there are reasons to believe that LOXIN is a name that is quite different from many other such manufacturers and suppliers in China and other parts of the world.


There could be many mould manufacturers who may talk big about their capabilities and facilities. However, at the end of the day, the proof of the pudding is in eating. If you have had the opportunity of using the moulds manufactured by LOXIN MOLD you will have reasons to believe that they walk the talk and deliver on their promises. This is possible because of a number of reasons. They have the best of mould making machines and more importantly they have qualified, experienced, skilled and dedicated staff. A combination of the best technology and best skill-set of people is what makes them offer cutting edge products that stand the test of time and are also perfectly in line with what the customers want.


The moulds that come out of the stables of LOXIN MOLD are also capable of handling heavy duty usage. Further, they are capable of withstanding high temperature. The moulds are also made using the best of stainless steel having the right weight and thickness. The company also invests quite heavily on research and development. Even the smallest of finished moulds that come out of the company are thoroughly checked for any manufacturing defect. They are also constantly at work to find out ways and means to bring in new mould making and other related technologies.


If you go by their track record, reputation, and their ability to adhere to strict timelines, there are a few positive takeaways as far as LOXIN MOLD is concerned. They are undoubtedly one of the best mould makers not only in China but also across the world. They also believe in offering the best value for money to their customers.

Their constant endeavor to offer nothing but the best to the customers and their top class after sales services are also reasons as to why they are considered one of the best in the area of custom as well as readymade injection mold design services.

How Is Injection Mold Process from Injection Molding Manufacturer LOXIN MOLD

How Is Injection Mold Process from Injection Molding Manufacturer

If you want to understand the process of injection molding then you must contact a plastic mold manufacturer in China. Loxin is a professional China mould company that designs as well as manufactures plastic molds for various sectors including home appliances and automotive etc.

What is injection molding?

According to Loxin, the technique used for manufacturing products made from plastic is known as Injection Molding. To manufacture a finished plastic product you will have to follow several steps even if this process is very easy to follow.

How is the injection molding process used?

The process of injection molding is commonly used for manufacturing various types of materials and products made from plastic. In this process, an injection molding machine is used to insert the molten plastic into the cavity of the mold designed into the shape of the product to be manufactured.

What can be manufactured with the injection molding process?

The injection molding process can be used to manufacture a large number of items that are used in day-to-day life from electrical gadgets to plastic components as well as interiors of your car, bottles for drinks, and coverings for the appliances in your household that are made from plastic. In this way, this process of plastic molding can be used to manufacture almost anything and everything made from plastic, you can see around you.

What is an injection molding machine?

How Is Injection Mold Process from Injection Molding Manufacturer LOXIN MOLD

A machine that is used for injecting molten plastic into the mold is known as an injection molding machine or injection press. It includes two main parts – the clamping unit and the injection unit. The mold is fastened in the clamping unit of the injection molding machine in a horizontal or vertical position depending upon the type and size of the product required. While injecting plastic into the cavities of the mold you can choose between hot and cold systems to run the machine, depending upon the type and size of the product to be produced.

Types of injection molding machines

Various types of plastic molding machines are used for making plastic products. These machines can be classified based on the system of driving them like mechanical, hydraulic, hybrid, and electrical.

Process of using a plastic injection molding machine

Initially it seems easy to use an injection molding machine to produce products made from plastic as molten plastic is injected into the mold and the product is removed from the mold after the mold cools down. But to complete this process several complicated steps are taken. These steps include:

Fastening: The mold is clamped in the clamping unit of the machine containing plated made from metal. In this first step of injection molding, the mold is clamped under pressure to adjust its alignment during the process of injection and cooling

Inserting: In this step, molten material of plastic, obtained by melting the plastic pallets in the machine’s barrel, is inserted or injected into the cavity of the mold under pressure through a ramming or screw device.

Housing: After injecting the molten plastic into the mold by using mechanical or hydraulic pressure, it is ensured that all the cavities of the mold are filled by exerting more pressure.

Chilling: After inserting molten plastid into the mold, it is left aside to cool down and allow to plastic to become solid

Releasing: The clamp is then loosened by releasing the pressure on the movable plate and mold is removed from the machine.

Ejecting: A plate, rods, and the blast of air are used to eject the plastic product produced by this process from the mold.

Finding an injection molding company for you

Now when you know the process of plastic injection molding, it will be easier for you to find the best plastic injection molding company in China. You can know the type of finished products you can expect from the company you choose by knowing the process they are using. Most of the China mold companies will allow you to get useful information about their manufacturing process through the videos available on their website whereas some may allow you to visit their facility personally. However to be sure about the best results you should not hesitate to ask a few questions from the manufacturer about the process of injection molding used by them

Which industries can use the services of injection molding companies?

The services of the plastic injection molding companies are used by several industries including pharmaceutical, automotive and medical devices, etc.

Best Custom Mold Design China Company For Your Business

Plastic is one of the most popular materials in the world. Since its invention, it has taken over the world. It’s almost impossible to spend a life without using plastic. Hence, plastic is in high demand.

There are so many companies in China that produce custom mold design. But, not all companies can deliver you strong and durable plastic molds. That’s why you should always choose the best China mold manufacturer.

‘Loxin Mold’ is an excellent company in China. They produce A-grade plastic molds. Furthermore, they have experience and an expert team. So, they can deliver you a fabulous custom mold design.

‘Loxin Mold’ has many bright aspects. All its marvelous features are discussed below.

Why Should You Choose ‘Loxin Mold’?

1) Perfect and Precise Designs

Best Custom Mold Design China Company For Your Business LOXIN Mold

To get perfect products, you need a flawless process. That’s why ‘Loxin mold’ uses advanced software to design all the plastic products. This software knows how to inject the melted plastic. As a result, their injection molding machine produces the best class and durable plastic products.

Moreover, the software can also detect any type of flaws in the design. This means, their molding machines can produce perfect designs within a short time. So, you can trust them completely.

2) Superior Quality Products

‘Loxin Mold’ is not limited to some particular plastic molding products. They produce many types of plastic products. You can have automotive products, different types of appliances for the home, and other consumer products.

Their automotive product includes – holder, window switch panel, headlamp base, etc. Lampshades, pipeline, base and more products are manufactured by them under their ‘home appliances’. Apart from that, their custom injection mold can also produce forks, thin plastic glasses, and more high-quality products.

All their staff is highly-skilled. They monitor their production process closely. That’s why you always get supreme quality products (multiple) from this China mold manufacturer.

3) Cutting-edge Technology

This company strives continuously to produce the best quality plastic molds. Hence, they use advanced technologies. One of their best processes is to make 3D designs.

First of all, they receive your order. Then, they make a 3D prototype based on your product design. This process will help them to detect any flaws in the design. If there is any fault in the product design, then they can rectify it. As a result, you always get a perfectly designed product.

‘Loxin Mold’ uses the best class molding tools and machines. They use software like – AutoCAD, UG, and CATIA. They also follow universal formats like – IGES, DWG, STEP and more (formats).

4) Vast Experience

plastic injection mold manufacturer 003

‘Loxin Mold’ has been in this business for 15 years. This vast experience has taught them many things. They know- how to produce the best plastic mold.

Moreover, they have completed many projects. Even, they have clients in European countries. Hence, they have all the skills and experience that you are looking for.

5) Affordable

Customized injection mold‘ often becomes expensive. Do you know why?

In reality, some companies involve middle men in their production process. As a result, plastic products cost higher. But, ‘Loxin Mold’ produces all custom mold design themselves. So, their products come at an affordable rate. No middlemen, no other companies. This means plastic mold products at a reasonable price.

6) Impressive Services

Customer satisfaction has been the highest priority of ‘Loxin Mold’. Hence, their product managers solve all the problems directly. You can talk to them and you can share every detail with them. Thus, they understand your expectations. Then, they produce high-quality and durable products for you.

Apart from that, this company has a highly-skilled team. This team is always ready to produce standard quality products within a short time. But this doesn’t mean that they only take bulk orders. You can also order them small quantities. They respect every customer. So, ‘Loxin Mold’ and their efficient team won’t disappoint you.

All these above features make this company an excellent one. They have the best class tools, expert team, and advanced technologies. Furthermore, they produce superior quality custom (plastic) mold products. Their products are affordable and durable. Hence, they are an ideal China mold manufacturer for your business.

‘Loxin Mold’ and its services always deliver magnificent custom mold products. That’s why they have hundreds of satisfied customers.

Just visit their website to place your order. They are always ready. (


Custom Injection Molding Companies For Plastic Mould Service

There is no denying the fact that plastic products are considered to be the most obvious and chosen ones not only in this country but also across the globe. As far as China is concerned, there are many plastic injection machine companies. This makes the task of choosing one over the other quite tough, complex and difficult. However, if you spend some time and do research on a few units and companies, as a prospective customer, you may have reasons to put your money on companies like LOXIN Plastic Mold Manufacturer. Let us try and get to know more about them so that our readers and prospective customers are better informed and knowledgeable. This is a big and well known China Molding Company

Experience And Technology

Technology in the area of plastic molding is never static and the only thing constant here is change. It would be pertinent to mention here that they have been always in the forefront when it comes to offering new designs and products. This is in line with their stated objective of catering to customer needs as best as they can. They have been able to offer products that are not only cheaper, more creative and innovative but also good in quality. They have learned and mastered the art of staying in tune with changing times, needs and technologies. This is one of the main reasons as to why they are different from others in the market.

Customized To Meet Requirementsinjection mold supplier 02

The customized injection molding machines from the house of LOXIN is perfectly suited for those customers who may need something different from the readymade ones. They offer a host of products ranging from complex molds to simple things like lunch box molds or designer bottle molds. Over the years they have been able to offer something that has always been innovative and creative. They also will be in a position to construction high quality precision cut molds that are suited for very complex and tough jobs. This is because of the belief of this company with regard to new technologies that could offer the best possible molds and other solutions taking into account the specific needs and requirements of the customers. The company LOXIN has always tried to be in sync with the exact needs and requirements of the customers and has spent years researching the marketing trends and changing styles and needs of all segments of customers.

Precision In The Mold

The company also takes care to ensure that the molds are functional, appropriate, and of the best quality. In addition to this, the company has been successful in a highly competitive market because it takes up each new project as the first one. Their commitment to implement and maintain the best of test practices is something that sets them apart from the rest of the crowd.

On Site Support & Servicesmold design 001

Those who have interacted with LOXIN believe that they go out of their way when it comes to meeting the needs of their customers. They are one of the few companies in China that have an onsite designing team. Their team of designers will help in delivering the exact molds taking inputs from the customers at their sites. They have experts who are capable of designed complex molds for different types of plastic products and also the best of molds for plastic injection designs.

You can be sure as customers that there will not be any defective products or molds when you hire the services of LOXIN. They have a robust screening method that could help in conducting proper testing and assessment of every order for mold that comes their way.

Capability To Withstand High Temperature

Since the firm has a wealth of experience and expertise, and also the best of designers, customers can be sure about a few things. They can rest assured that there will not be any defective products. They ensure that each and every mold, however, big or small it is goes through the best possible screening method. Further, they also conduct proper assessment and testing of each and every product that is designed and then manufactured by the design team and other engineers. Hence, you can be sure about the quality and method of plastic moulding process that has been followed by LOXIN over the past many years.

The molds have been designed and made using the best of materials and they are capable of withstanding high temperatures and they are also perfectly suited for heavy duty usage. They make use of high quality Stainless Steel Custom Injection materials and it ensures high quality at all points in time.

The Final Word

When all the above are taken into account, there are reasons to believe that you are dealing with one of the best molding companies in China.


China Customized Injection Mold Making Company

Injection mold making is a very common method of manufacturing custom plastic parts that could be used in the home appliances, automotive and other sectors. In this article, we will take a closer look at Injection mold making and injection machines.

At last, we will introduce you to a very reputed leading injection molding manufacturers in China and see how they function and can provide a great service.

But, before all that you need to go through some common applications and meaning of injection molding. So, without further ado let us start the article.

What is plastic injection molding?plastic injection mold

The plastic injection molding is a manufacturing process where custom plastic parts are produced by injecting molten plastic material into molds or sometimes called matrix.

A liquid polymer such as polypropylene or polyethylene is inserted into a hollow mold where the liquid polymer takes the shape.

Common uses of injection mold making

Injection mold making is commonly done to manufacture a high volume of custom plastic parts. There are different injection molding machines that could produce different outputs.

For example, large injection molding machines could mold car parts and smaller machines could mold very precise plastic parts that could be used for surgical applications.

  • Cost and time

Talking about the cost and time, injection molding is quite costly and time taking process too. There are several aspects that could affect the cost of the molding such as the size of the part, material, complexity, and anticipated quantity.

There are different stages of injection molding that can take uneven time, but typically it would take about 4-6 weeks or less for mass production.

  • Applications

The plastic injection mold making method is used to make things like:

Automotive partsToysPocket combsMusical instrumentsSmall tables and chairsMechanical partsBottle capsWire spoolsPackaging,Other plastic products we use every day

The things mentioned in this list is very limited in products and in sectors. There are many applications of plastic injection molding, from large parts to smaller parts.

Once you have learned about the plastic injection molding its function and applications, it is time for you to learn about a professional plastic manufacturing company. We are talking about:

LOXIN Mold Company

LOXIN is a reputed leading manufacturer and supplier company based in China. It designs, manufactures, and supplies plastic molds for different sectors including Automotive and Home appliances.

LOXIN engages itself with every project from the early stage of development. Their professional team focuses on every aspect of engineering, manufacturing and overall project management. They believe to give every second of their services to their customers.

Why trust in LOXIN Mold?

It is a very crucial question that may pop up into your mind. Here below are some highlights of LOXIN functionality that will give you the reasons to choose LOXIN as your best injection mold supplier.

Though there are several manufacturing companies out there in the market, not all the companies provide genuine and good quality products. LOXIN stands out from others as its primary focus is on supplying quality products at very affordable prices.

When it comes to manufacturing and supplying injection molds, surely the experience of the company needs serious consideration. LOXIN has been serving many customers for over 15 years and still, today is expanding its services all over the world.

Now, if you want a very precise answer to the previously asked question (why trust LOXIN) we could think of three very big reasons and they are:

1: All products are available at an affordable cost

LOXIN is a China-based company where labor cost is relatively cheaper, this means all the technicians and supervisors in LOXIN helps to deliver cost-efficient outputs.

Another reason why the prices are affordable –

LOXIN does not include any middle person, they directly supply the products to their clients, and this again saves you a lot of costs.

2: Highly experienced Company

The second and very important reason is that LOXIN is working for over 15 years in production of mold. This means they know what kind of knowledge they need to put while manufacturing the molds.

This improves the quality of the output and gives you another reason why you should rely on this company.

3: Quality Service

LOXIN has a team of highly skilled engineers, technicians, and staff that gives the company a confidence to offer a quality services to its customers.

Their main goal is to give utmost attention to their services so that the customers could get maximum satisfaction. In addition, the managers are very friendly and flexible and you can reach out to them directly without involving any mediators.

There you go 3 reasons why you should rely on LOXIN mold.


In this article, we discussed the injection mold making process and applications. Then we introduced you with a leading manufacturer and Supplier Company which is based in China – LOXIN Molds.

We gave you 3 big reasons why you should trust on LOXIN Molds, these reasons are deeply analyzed and surely are stronger than its competitors. Hope you find the information in this article helpful.

Quality Custom Injection Moulding Process Company in China

Actually plastic injection is a very much common and available process in order to manufacture the plastic parts. This production process is being ensured and organized by the moulding companies. The injection moulding factories generally possesses different kinds of machines.

The mould makers actually use different kinds of machines and accessories in order to make a product. China is very popular in this case. You can see many different kinds of companies in China that can make the varieties of plastic products by following the plastic injection moulding process.

Loxin plastic mould manufacturer is the best one among all such companies. Loxin is the trustworthy source to get the plastic products. You will have to know more about the company in order to get the better idea about it.

About Loxin plastic mould manufacturer:

Loxin is the China based company situated in Taizou City, Zhejiang. The company is very much famous for its manufacturing process and high quality materials. This company is very much professional. They generally produce the plastic products for the home appliances and other sectors as well. The professional engineers and designers are there in the company in order to create a unique model and shape it up. This company has many more years of experience.

Variety of products offered by Loxin:

Loxin has got many demands of automotive suppliers. The team of this company achieve the success in order to meet the demands of the market. There are varieties of products that Loxin creates and delivers as well. These are such as follows:

  • Power window switch panel
  • Head lamp base
  • Holder
  • Instrument panel

These are automotive parts that they manufacture. Apart from these, there are many types of home appliances and other kinds of products.

These are such as follows:

  • Base
  • Bend
  • PipelineQuality Custom Injection Moulding Process Company in China
  • Fork
  • Rotary knob
  • Thin wall moulding

Not only these, but there are many more machinery parts that Loxin manufactures and delivers to the customers.

High quality products:

Before manufacturing any kinds of plastic products, the experienced team members and management people check the quality of the materials. It is very much important in order to serve better to the customers. Loxin follows this and maintain their top notch quality at a same time. The qualified designers are there to create the design and make them unique as well. Loxin always tries to maintain the high quality service and meet the satisfaction of their clients. They believe that quality is the main thing to achieve success in the market.

Customized injection moulding:

Custom moulds are very much famous and popular among people. Loxin also offers you the customized option here. The mould designers will make the exact shape and size products as per your recommendation. If you want a designer bottle or box, you will get it according to your design. They can make and deliver the best out of your design. They know the demands of customized products. So, they maintain the implementation and excellent practices as the leading and top class manufacturer in China. They will give you the exact customized products that are high in quality.

Reasonable prices:

If you want to get the cost efficient plastic products, then Loxin is the perfect choice for you. You will get unique design and top class materials at their company. Each and every product is tactfully design in order to present in an impressive way. They offer you an affordable rate in order to compete with the global competitors. There are hundreds of experienced and skilled employees, technicians, engineers, designers in this company. This is one of the leading manufacturers in China that can deliver you the best products at affordable rate.

Advanced tools and equipment:

They never compromise with the manufacturing process. They always use the top class and advanced tools and equipment in order to produce the best products. Advanced and high quality mould machine is very much important in this case. Loxin is a highly professional company and try to maintain its brand name in order to produce the top notch products. The highly advanced tools are there in their factory in order to produce the best plastic moulds and other products.

Designing and engineering capacity:

Actually a good design makes the best thing. So, designing process is the main things that a company should check every time while creating products. Apart from this engineering methods to make a high quality product is very much important to get the success. There are many qualified, educated and professional designers and engineers who can handle the whole matter. This company tactfully handle the costly designing cost and make it affordable as per their strategies. They use the advanced technologies in order to produce some kinds of highly qualified products.

Reasons to select Loxin:LOXIN Mould 1

  • There are various reasons for which you should choose Loxin. Actually, if you want to get the best products, then you should find the perfect manufacturing company. Loxin is the best among all other companies in China. There are many reasons behind this. These are such as follows:
  • They maintain the best relationship with their customers.
  • Their employees have enough technical knowledge and skills.
  • They maintain the high quality of materials in order to produce the best products.
  • They hold many years of experience.
  • Their efficiency of work.
  • They check the quality of the products before its delivery.
  • They maintain a fast delivery service as well.
  • Professional designers are there to make the best design.
  • They make variety of products in their company.

Loxin has the 15 years of experience in this field. They have maintained a good relationship with the customers of European countries.

They maintain the top class productivity and performance at the time of manufacturing process. The team members of this company are very much friendly. You can get in touch with them in order to solve any kinds of difficult issues. You can get the top class expert solution there.

They make variety of plastic products for the home appliances and other areas. You do not need to go to anywhere in search of different things. You can easily get these all under one roof. This is one of the best companies and custom injection moulding factories in China.

Custom Injection Mold Design Service in China LOXIN MOLD

Custom Injection Mold Design Service in China

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