If you are searching for a plastic injection mold company in China which can provide quality plastic injection moulding service at very affordable cost then LOXIN Mold can be the right destination for you. Loxin Mold is one of the China mold manufacturers who are known to produce high quality plastic injection molds of all types at very reasonable cost. So far as the cost of quality plastic injection mold in China is concerned it depends on various factors. Brief information provided here under can be helpful for you.

Cost of plastic injection mold

The cost of a hand milled or machined by EDM plastic injection mold can be nearly $40 per hour if the you are going to mold are really small and simple as you can avoid the expensive procedures of CAM or CAD. By machining the mold through EDM you can avoid the expensive step of polishing it as EDM gives a matte finish to the mold made from easily moldable plastics including HDPE, polypropylene, polystyrene and LDPE etc.

Other options to reduce cost

Moreover, for your simple and small parts hand operated injection molders can be right choice if you have. How-Much-Cost-For-Quality-China-Plastic-Injection-MoldThe cost of processing plastic can be lower for you as these molders are available at less than $2,000 which can make almost 50 units in one hour. But you will have to spend few hundreds of dollars on making their injection molds.

Cost of injection molding in US and Canada

In the US and Canada, the upfront cost of just making mold of similar simple and small parts can be $10k to $20k even if they are to be made in large volumes and quantities. After making the molds, the cost of per unit of the part will completely depend upon the volume of the order. The cost of making 1000 units can be $2000 or for 100,000 units it can be $200,000, depending upon the volume to be produced. However, in injection molding business 100,000 units is not a very big volume. So, if you want to reduce the cost to a considerable level then the order should be in millions.

Cost of plastic injection molds in China

If you have to produce limited number of parts then China can be the best option for you. Though China mold manufacturers can fulfill your requirement at reasonable cost but you must have good contact with a plastic injection mold company in China otherwise it can be tricky for you. The cost of making even 10,000 plastic injection moulding units in China can be $10k, if the parts are not very complicated. Moreover, if you want to get your mold back then you may have to pay a few thousand dollars more to the Chinese company.

Reasons to consider Loxin Mold

So if you want to get plastic injection moulding services in China at reasonable cost then you can contact Loxin Mold anytime. This plastic injection mold company is a popular China mold manufacturer since its inception. They can provide you cost-effective services on the basis of their past experience and knowledge.