Most of the companies produce products in small quantities while introducing them in the market and make a decision about continuing their manufacturing later on. In such a condition, they may need a company that can provide them plastic molds for this purpose. Though you can find a number of injection mold company all over the world but China mold manufacturing companies like LOXIN Prototype etc. can be the best choice for you. While choosing the best China mold factory you will have to follow certain tips provided here under.

Type of plastic injection mold company suitable for you

In China, you can find various types of plastic mold manufacturing companies these days. Some of them are funded by foreign investors or investors from Taiwan and Hong Kong whereas some of them are owned by private enterprises from China. Each of them has its own pros and cons. The molds of the foreign funded manufacturer can be of better quality due to their improved processes but their price can also be a bit higher than others. The companies funded by Hong Kong and Taiwan investors may provide you a bit cheaper molds due to their slightly inferior quality than foreign-funded manufacturers. After economic reforms in China many local private mold manufacturers like LOXIN Prototype etc. have emerged to provide the best quality plastic mold with the help of dedicated local workers.

Size of injection mold manufacturer

You can find small, medium and large-sized mold manufacturing companies in China. It will be better to choose a large company if you want to avail all the mold manufacturing services under one roof but the management cost of large companies can affect the cost of your every mold. For this reason, most of the people prefer to go to smaller mold manufacturing companies to make things affordable for them. But the issues faced with small companies can be lack of on-time delivery of the molds, effective productivity of the molds and service life of the molds. In such condition, it is better to choose a complete How-to-Choose-Quality-China-Plastic-Mold-Manufacturer-Company-LOXIN-MoldChina mold factory like LOXIN Prototype which has a CNC machine center to ensure precision in manufacturing plastic molds. Though it can initially increase your cost but in the long run, they will prove to be more affordable for you due to the longer life of their molds.

Effective reduction in cost

While choosing the best China mold manufacturing company you should first of all focus on reducing the cost of your product, depending upon the number of pieces you want to manufacture initially. If your order is for less than 50 million pieces then instead of choosing manufacturers of hard plastic molds you should go for soft mold manufacturers. The cost of soft molds is cheaper than hard molds though there is a very low difference in the quality of their products. LOXIN Prototype can provide you all types of molds as per your requirements.


Thus, by evaluating the LOXIN Prototype on the parameters discussed above you can easily find that it is one of the best injection mold company in China which can satisfy your requirements.