Power window switch panel

Part’s descriptions:  

Part name: Power window switch panel

Part material: ABS

Part size: 290X90X60mm

Part weight: 350g

Surface finish: Cavity: SPI-A3 / Core: SPI-C3

Mold’s descriptions:

Number of cavities: 1+1

Cycle time: 42 seconds

Injection type: Yudo manifold hot nozzle and cold runner and sub gate

Ejection type: Standard ejection with injection machine KO

Mold mechanism(s): 8 lifters in core side

Steel type: 1.2344(HRC48-52)

Mold size: 600X600X550mm

Mold weight: 1700kgs

Mold life: 200,000 shots

Injection machine: 470Tons