The process of making an efficienct mold requires not just investment in time but also prolific expertise. There are many molding manufacturers for you to choose from in China. However, there is one China Molding Manufacturer who offers expertise and utmost diversity of services in molding manufacturing: Loxin Mold Manufacturers.

Loxin Mold manufacturers offer the all round services required for creating a good mold. A good mold meets cost feasibility, time saving during the manufacturing process and functions efficiently without having any effects. This can only be met by proper design and engineering, prototyping and proper mold manufacturing.

These you all get from Loxin manufacturers.

Design and Engineering.

When it comes to design and engineering molds, Loxin is your best molding design supplier. You need a mold that is designed using state of the art technology and by experienced engineers. Loxin Mold Manufacturing uses tools to simulate the flow of melted plastic to the manufacturing chambers. 3D designs,the integration of the liquid flow software and CAD on a screen ensure utmost success in the designs we make.

This design method helps in identifying flaws that could arise after manufacturing. Designs offered ensure quick manufacturing and efficiency in the resulting mold. You also get help in choosing resilient material. The technology we use includes CATIA, autoCAD and deployment of global formats as DFX and IGES is also on offer.


A good prototype helps to run simulation tests on the real mold. Loxin understands the need to use the latest technology to prototype the real mold. Thus, the prototypes you get give you a complete assessment for functionality, fitness and reduces pre manufacturing and manufacturing setbacks. The prototypes also aim at ensuring financial feasibility and ensure manufacturability.

The EPDM Holder Mold.

With state of the art technology, Loxin offers the EPDM Holder Mold which is designed and made to be as efficient as possible. It comes with a 8 slide mechanism and weighs 6 tonnes. The cavities are 1×1 and has a hot runner nozzle 2 drops injection type. The life of the mold is over 200000 shots and the injection machine weighs over 1300 Tones. The holder has a cycle time of 8 seconds and is made to be a standard ejection type mold.

Mold Manufacturing.Your-Unmateched-Partner-in-Mold-Making-LOXIN-Mold

By deploying the latest technology, Loxin offers you the best molds just like the EPDM mold described above. We combine unmatched expertise and experience with stringent manufacturing procedures to produce the best molds for you. We also offer technical advice and support to our clients.
Furthermore,Laxin molds collects and prepares data for case studies. Automobile case studies are available. You can get an insight on what you need for a good mold to fit what your desired use is.

Molds are technically

sophisticated parts that require careful design, prototyping and good manufacturing. A defective mold may mean the loss of a lot of cash. Loxin Mold Manufacturers aim at ensuring that you remain functional and cost efficient by offering you all the services you need for making a mold. With prototypes, design and manufacturing offered, you are definitely going to get a good mold from Loxin Mold Manufacturing Company.