The primary method for any thermoplastic materials is the injection molding or the plastic injection molding. This method is often referred to the process where plastic powders or pellets are pushed into hopper of the injection machine. There they melt under the heat in the Plastic Mold Factory for maintaining a state where it can flow. Then under a certain pressure, the melted plastic gets injected into a mold with the help of injection nozzle. Once it is cooled down and shaped, that molten plastic will become solid and take the shape of the desired plastic part.

The plastic injection molding can produce plastic parts even with complicated structures with the non-metal as well as metal inserts. This process of plastic injection molding takes very little time to produce the result. Hence, you will get higher production as well as easy automation. Until now, this process is applicable for almost every thermoplastic material. There are some thermosetting plastics which have higher fluidity. This can also be molded with this process.

The drawbacks to this plastic injection molding are the higher price of the equipment, high cost of product, complicated structures of the mold and also it is not suitable for a small-scale or single plastic part production.

The Plastic Injection Molding Process

There are different steps in the injection molding process. These include mold clamping or plasticization, injecting the material, cooling down, feeding, opening the mold and ejection. Here are the different steps with proper explanation about how each and every step has its own significance:

#1: Mold Clamping/Plasticization

This is the phase where the resin is melted inside the injection machine. Then the next step starts when this resin gets solidified in the mold.

#2: Injection

The screw of the injection molding moves forward for injecting the molten resin into that mold, when the nozzle is connected to the sprue bushing.

#3: Pressure

For getting the desired product after the mold is filled, a certain pressure will be continuously applied. This is for preventing any defects.

#4: Cooling down

After you inject the molten resin into the mold completely with the help of injection or holding, you must maintain the temperature for a certain period of time. This is essential to ensure that the product appearance is exactly like the way you want it.

#5: Nozzle Retreat

During the cooling process, the injection molding machine will be retreated for disconnecting the nozzle with the sprue bushing. This is done to preventFind-The-Best-Plastic-Injection-Molding-Service-LOXIN-Mold the solidification of the resin present in the nozzle due to cooling.

#6: Mold opening & Ejection

In the next process, when the resin gets solidifies, the molded product is pushed out of the mold with the help of ejector pin present on the fixed side.


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