Why LOXIN Mold is Your Best Choice For Molding Service

LOXIN is China’s injection mold making manufacturer. With the in-house Manufacturing, LOXIN has the capacity and the technology along with modern tools and equipment to create the top-notch custom injection mold. Since its Inception, LOXIN has been focusing on quality exports which mainly go out to European and North American countries.

LOXIN plastic mold manufacturer takes pride in its adherence to HASCO and DME International standards. LOXIN produces approximately 25 units of plastic injection molds each month with the process lasting between 25 and 35 days. This rate largely depends on the complexity of the design requested by the client.

Why LOXIN?Why-LOXIN-Mold-is-Your-Best-Choice-For-Molding-Service

LOXIN brings invaluable quality to customers by ensuring that its plastic molds adhere to top quality assurance standards. The China mold company it’s committed to providing only the best products to its customers by subscribing to the best quality management system and a lean manufacturing focus. It is through this process that LOXIN can provide these products at it will cost without sacrificing quality.

This rate largely depends on the complexity of the design requested by the client. It is the quality of the product that matters most, which is why LOXIN works very closely with the client to ensure that all of their needs are met.


As with any product, the design is also a factor. For without good design, there is no good product. LOXIN utilizes a Mold Flow analysis software program to simulate the plastic injections’ flow through the plastic. This is helpful to ensure the least amount of product defects before the molding.

It is through the understanding gathered during this process that enables LOXIN to ensure that the correct mold design is selected in order to support the material you have chosen. This process also ensures they have the necessary tolerance requirements, allowing us to build the tools that you need to get the job done. With the advances in technology, LOXIN can adapt to the ever-changing world for molds manufacturing and get your order to you quickly and accurately.

Our team

LOXIN’s team could not be the leading China mold company without a top-notch team. Our staff of highly skilled and seasoned mold makers is well-versed in the vigorous demands of tight tolerances, rigorous requirements, and short lead time imposed by its customers. Our skilled workforce, in addition to a strict control process ensures that our molds meet the highest of standards every single time. Along with a high-quality product, you are also receiving technical support, efficiency, speed, and quality.

Choose LOXIN

Hopefully that when you are looking for a high-quality plastic mold manufacturer that you will consider LOXIN for our quality and design. LOXIN strives to ensure the very best mold is manufactured so that you can do the same for your customers.

LOXIN takes great pride in our work, from the inception of the project to delivery. LOXIN hopes to hear from you soon so that they may help you to provide only the very best to your customers for many years to come.

2019 Guide For Quality Injection Molding Companies

Right from the turbine blades of space shuttles to LEGO blocks, the importance of plastic injection moulding can be felt in every sphere of our lives. However, many people still remain in the dark about the concept of plastic moulding and the reasons behind its popularity. In this article we will shed light on the areas of plastic moulding, China mould manufacturing companies and injection moulding.

What is injection moulding2019 Guide For Quality Injection Molding Companies

Injection moulding is a general manufacturing process through which a huge volume of parts made of glass, plastic, metal, rubber and any other such materials are produced. In the process of injection mould, molten material or substance is injected into a mould or case before it is left to be cooled down in order to obtain the final product in its solid state.

How does plastic injection moulding work?

In plastic injection moulding, only molten plastic substance is injected into the mould, instead of any other material. American scientist John W. Hyatt invented the process back in 1872 while making snooker balls out of plastic.

Types of products made through injection mould

Manufacturers across the globe use injection moulds to make various kinds of products, right from cell phone case to garbage can. The use of plastic injection moulding is widespread, especially in cases where non-consumer items are manufactured with very little or no emphasis on the visual appeal of the product.

These are the basic steps of plastic injection moulding

Melt the plastic material or substanceInject the molten substance into a case or mouldCooling the injected material in the mouldRemove or eject the hardened or solid product out of the mould

Benefits of using plastic injecting moulding process to manufacture different products

The process allows intricate geometry to the product and detailing of features can also be obtained through this method.High efficiency is ensured in this method which leaves room for client customization. The final products thus become durable with proper design maintained.Fillers can be used in the injection moulds that reduce the density of the plastic substance and enhance product’s strength.Through co-injection process, different types of plastics can be blended in this process to make intricate products.The process is highly automatic and therefore reduces the production cost.

Loxin Mold and its significance in 2019 market

Loxin Mold is a renowned name in the field of China mold maker and injection mold supplier. The company has epitomised the mould manufacturing expertise through its dedicated staff, steady clientele, varied services and quality assurance.

Both automotive and home appliances are manufactured through the plastic injection moulding technique here. Customers can select from their existing catalogue and customise as per their budget and requirement before pitching for a moulding service.

3D prototype, complex prototype, vacuum form moulds are available in the prototype category here, while you can take expert guidance on material selection, designing and product durability among other issues. Loxin has already served some biggest brands of the industry, therefore, their service quality is guaranteed for sure.