Top Quality Plastic Injection Molding China Manufacturer LOXIN MOLD

Top Quality Plastic Injection Molding China Manufacturer

There is no doubt that MOULD MAKING is critical for a wide variety of plastic and other allied industries and business. They are required both for domestic as well as commercial purposes. Mould making has come of age and new technologies have brought in revolutionary changes. However, with competition being tough and with so many INJECTION MOLD SERVICE companies and firms across the world, hiring the right manufacturer, marketer and supplier is not an easy job.

Those who know a few things about plastic moulds may have a few things to say about LOXIN MOLD. This is a Chinese mould making company with an excellent track record. It would be interesting to know more about this manufacturer and supplier and find out as to how they have been able to stand out from the rest of the crowd in such a competitive and demanding market. Here are a few things about LOXIN MOLD that may be of interest to our readers and other stakeholders. It may also help them to make the right choice about choosing a good mould making company based on facts and figures rather than being pushed into a decision on hearsays and opinions.


To begin with, there is no doubt that this is a well-known, experienced proven and time tested PLASTIC MOLD COMPANY. They have been around for many years and their focus always has been on offering highly customized as well as quality readymade CUSTOM PLASTIC INJECTION MOLD designs and other such allied products. The company and its moulds cater to a wide variety of customers and industries. These include automotive industries, home appliances and various other sectors. Therefore, there are many who believe that this company is a one-stop solution for different types of molds that are both customized as well as readymade.

  • PROFESSIONAL & THOROUGH WITH THEIR JOBSTop Quality Plastic Injection Molding China Manufacturer LOXIN MOLD

They are capable of helping their clients from start to end for all their requirements of mould making. The engineers and other skilled staff of LOXIN MOLD are ready to help their clients from the very early stages of the project. They get themselves involved in tool design, development and manufacture, and taking into account the exact needs and requirements of their clients. You can trust the company for the entire project management if the whole thing is quite big in size and has many complications and complex things to handle. The company is capable of offering their services for a single project or the clients can also hire them on a contract basis for the entire year. As a client, they can be sure that they will get the best attention to detail, however small or big the entire contract might be.


LOXIN MOLD broadly classifies their customer requirements into three major categories. Whenever a client approaches them for a customized mould making requirement, they first study the exact needs of the client in great detail. After fully understanding their needs, they come out with a prototype. It is shared with the client and their feedback is evaluated and considered very carefully.

The production of the plastic injection moulds happen only when the prototype has been approved by the clients and they are fully satisfied with it. They then take up the mould manufacturing using the most advanced technologies and engineering services. They are backed by highly qualified, skilled and experienced staff and engineers. They know their jobs perfectly well. Therefore, the customers can expect to get total, complete and highly satisfactory moulding products that are durable, long lasting, and are known for their value for money. The company also offers highly satisfactory and customer-friendly after sale services and the right warranty and guarantee.plastic injection mold


If the customers and other information seekers and others pay a visit to the factory of LOXIN MOLD, they will be able to come across a few important things. They will for sure be able to understand that the company has some of the most modern manufacturing facilities. They are able supported by a large pool of highly skilled workforce who knows their job perfectly well. Each one of them has the required experience and expertise and therefore the end product (custom plastic injection moulds) will be perfect in all respects.

In view of the facts mentioned above, it is a good idea to get in touch with this manufacturer or supplier for all requirements of molded plastic injection products, small or big.


How Much Plastic Injection Mold Parts Design Cost?

A plastic mold can cost from $2,000 to $100,000 depending on the type, material, complexity, and size. However, you can find a decent machine for an ordinary production line for roughly $15,000.

Injection mould prices

Asking for an injection moulding machine is akin to asking for the price of a designer dress. Depending on the label, it can be anything from $100 to $50,000 or more. However, determining the price of injection mold cost cannot be as monopolistic as designer clothes. A reliable injection plastic machine and plastic molding manufacturer would not inflate the price and keep it reasonably close to the original cost in building it. In this context, we would like to recommend LOXIN Mold Company for its superior quality of products, reasonable prices, and great customer support.

However, the cost of an injection moulding machine for a project can be worked out by considering the operational load, raw material, and the repair and maintenance cost.

How to determine the cost?

For determining the injection mold cost, you need to look at the part sizes, material, complexity of the structure, and the production quantities. If the product, for example, is a simple washer and the production quantity that you are looking at is a thousand pieces a year, you can use a single cavity mold that would produce a single piece of the product each machine cycle. If this is the production quantity for which you want the mold to be prepared, your cost would be in the range of $1,500 to $2,500.

But if you are looking at a more complex product like an Xbox controller and the production quantity is 500,000, this is certainly a different story. This would need a more complex mould structure. The number of the cavity would also need to be increased to meet the production figure. This kind of mould can cost in the range of $50,000 to $100,000.

Talk to mould builder for real pricing

These examples represent the minimum and maximum cost scenarios while your requirements are more likely to fall somewhere between these two extremes. When you buy injection machines and moulds from LOXIN Mold Company, the company tries to understand your requirement in all their details and tries to develop the required machinery at the minimum cost without compromising on the quality. As a result, the company can supply an average plastic injection moulding machine for about $15,000. This is an anticipated amount that can give you an idea of how much your plastic injection mould machine may cost. The actual price can vary depending on your requirements.

LOXIN Mold CompanyLOXIN Mould

LOXIN Mold Company has a state-of-art production facility that can build moulds of any requirement or specification. It offers its services from conception to design to final production in an integrated manner. It offers the entire range of services in the plastic injection molding space. The prices that we talked about above are only illustrative. They can vary dramatically as per your requirements and specifications.

Taking into view the fact that price estimates of injection moulding machine can be of critical significance from the conception of a project to its completion, we try to be as much open and transparent about the pricing as possible.

Material cost matters

An important factor that can dramatically increase or decrease the cost of injection moulding machines is the material used to make the mould. An ordinary mould would suffer a great deal of wear and tear if it is made to produce products out of fiberglass. For the production with this kind of material, you would need mould made with good quality steel. You can see how you need moulds made with different materials to treat different kinds of raw material. The cost of the material with which the mould is to be built can impact their pricing.

Work within the budget

Sometimes, you may have a set amount of budget for the moulds to be built. If this is the case, you should better tell you mould builder and ask him to advise you how the mould of your specifications can be made within the price target that you have. Having more cavities in the mould allows you to do production faster but they add cost for the mould builder. By talking with the mould building company, you can find a balance between your needs and the complexities of the mould.

Final thoughts

Though prices for injection moulding machines can vary drastically, talking with the moulding company can allow you to find a way to work within your budget. In this context, user reviews seem to recommend LOXIN Mold Company. You too can check out with them.

2019 Guide For Quality Injection Molding Companies

Right from the turbine blades of space shuttles to LEGO blocks, the importance of plastic injection moulding can be felt in every sphere of our lives. However, many people still remain in the dark about the concept of plastic moulding and the reasons behind its popularity. In this article we will shed light on the areas of plastic moulding, China mould manufacturing companies and injection moulding.

What is injection moulding2019 Guide For Quality Injection Molding Companies

Injection moulding is a general manufacturing process through which a huge volume of parts made of glass, plastic, metal, rubber and any other such materials are produced. In the process of injection mould, molten material or substance is injected into a mould or case before it is left to be cooled down in order to obtain the final product in its solid state.

How does plastic injection moulding work?

In plastic injection moulding, only molten plastic substance is injected into the mould, instead of any other material. American scientist John W. Hyatt invented the process back in 1872 while making snooker balls out of plastic.

Types of products made through injection mould

Manufacturers across the globe use injection moulds to make various kinds of products, right from cell phone case to garbage can. The use of plastic injection moulding is widespread, especially in cases where non-consumer items are manufactured with very little or no emphasis on the visual appeal of the product.

These are the basic steps of plastic injection moulding

Melt the plastic material or substanceInject the molten substance into a case or mouldCooling the injected material in the mouldRemove or eject the hardened or solid product out of the mould

Benefits of using plastic injecting moulding process to manufacture different products

The process allows intricate geometry to the product and detailing of features can also be obtained through this method.High efficiency is ensured in this method which leaves room for client customization. The final products thus become durable with proper design maintained.Fillers can be used in the injection moulds that reduce the density of the plastic substance and enhance product’s strength.Through co-injection process, different types of plastics can be blended in this process to make intricate products.The process is highly automatic and therefore reduces the production cost.

Loxin Mold and its significance in 2019 market

Loxin Mold is a renowned name in the field of China mold maker and injection mold supplier. The company has epitomised the mould manufacturing expertise through its dedicated staff, steady clientele, varied services and quality assurance.

Both automotive and home appliances are manufactured through the plastic injection moulding technique here. Customers can select from their existing catalogue and customise as per their budget and requirement before pitching for a moulding service.

3D prototype, complex prototype, vacuum form moulds are available in the prototype category here, while you can take expert guidance on material selection, designing and product durability among other issues. Loxin has already served some biggest brands of the industry, therefore, their service quality is guaranteed for sure.

Your Reliable China Injection Mould Maker Company

Your Reliable China Injection Mould Maker CompanyLOXIN Mold is an experienced injection mold manufacturers of china who render professional services such as precision CNC milling service, customized CNC machining services, injection molding and dies development. In this article.

we are going to discuss regarding the factors that help to identify a best china mold maker.Your Reliable China Injection Mould Maker Company

When it comes related to production and manufacturing, one needs to ensure that they are hiring service from a right choice of company. As this makes a greater difference in the output they receive from an outsourced company.

Also, ensure that you get service from a plastic injection molding supplier who stand up by their promises and ready to deliver customized services understanding your unique requirement s.

They must make sure to execute your requirement in a quick turnaround within the specified deadline.

As injection mold making encompasses several technical aspects, it needs to be handled by professional crew who owns experience in this field for quite some time. As far as LOXIN Mold is considered they are delivering cutting edge service to their customers at an affordable cost within the specified deadlines.

How to evaluate China mold makers?

As there is a valid reason for any person to go with China for mold making as here the prices are drastically lower than other countries worldwide. Also, there are several promising mold manufacturers in this place who are specialized in making low to top quality standards. But, out of which finding a trustworthy plastic injection molding supplier is a difficult task, especially if you are not familiar with the country. If you adhere right strategies, the task is simple. Just put your choice of mold makers the following questions and the best answering company for the same will definitely be a good choice to hire for your mold requirements. Here it goes:

Details about the size of the injection mold factory and total number of employees working in the company?

Do they have ISO9000 certificates or any other of that sort to certify their quality standards?

Do they manufacture or outsource from some other company?What if they delay the delivery?

Do they offer warranty for the quality of service rendered and if so how long will it be?

Do they have testimonials to refer to understand their quality of service?

Do they have similar products molding experience and if so will they be ready to share the samples?

Apart from these few of the generic questions that generally any customer will ask includes:

What will be pricing?

What will be their lead time to process the requirement?What will their shipping cost?

Especially when we talk about pricing, it is always the vital aspect to consider prior choosing a choice.

The prices being quoted by China Mould Makers may drastically vary and for the higher quotes few manufacturers may claim that their superior quality service than other is being the major reason for the same and make use of the same as a valid excuse.

In fact better quality of services incur high manufacturing cost and especially while costly machine tools or manufacturing procedures are followed, such higher cost incurring is unavoidable.

If you have knowledge related to injection molding, then make detailed research regarding pricing and understand whether it is reasonable or just the intention of the manufacturer to make profit out of your order.

Thirdly, make a detailed discussion prior getting into the deal regarding how their plan on executing their need.

Clarify basic injection molding information such as their choice of ejection method and pins that they are planning to make use of for your project, details regarding the parting line and choices of gates and its locations and so on.

Valid and responsible answers to these questions will help you to identify the professionalism of the mold makers.

In LOXIN Mold, the professionally expertise employees will give all the necessary information prior starting to their valuable customers and also get detailed information related their specification in order to deliver high standard of service.

LOXIN Mold with their extensive knowledge in this industry analyze things in detailed manner and explain their customers regarding the issues that may arise in making their products prior starting and will be ready to provide with alternate design solution that may fit their production needs. Finding such customer friendly mold makers like LOXIN Mold in China being available at a reasonable cost is quite difficult.

How Dose Plastic Injection Moulding Process Steps From China

Most of the plastic products as well as the products having plastic parts we use in our day-to-day life, in our home or office, are made through an injection molding process.

These items may include storage bins, food containers, toys, bags, kitchen items, utensils, devices, stationery, and gadgets, etc. In other words, during last few decades plastic has gained enormous popularity all over the world for manufacturing a wide variety of products as it can be molded into any kind of shape with the help of injection molding process.

The process of plastic injection molding in China gained popularity throughout the world because of the low cost of developing molding designs and producing plastic prototypes.

A Chinese plastic mold company can create prototype molds at a very reasonable cost by using heated molten plastic in the injection molding process.

Steps of plastic injection molding process in China

In China, manufacturing in the plastic industry is done through the machines of injection molding which allow a mold company to produce plastic products in large qualities as soon as possible. These machines use the same mold again and again to produce the products of the same kind which may not be possible while molding every piece by hand.

Though the process of injection molding f plastic looks easy and simple but it involves several steps to produce a quality product. The steps in the plastic injection molding process include:

Mold designingHow Dose Plastic Injection Moulding Process steps from China

The first step of the injection molding process is to create a molding design to create a final product of your dreams. You will have to use a lot of skills and time to create the design of the mold. Various types of mold designs are created by engineers by using a computer. In these designs, they include every detail of the product you want to manufacture to sell it in the market including logos, patterns, gripping surface, variety of finish, layers of texture and graphics, etc.

They use a machine to carve the final design of the mold exactly as per the dimensions of the end product. In order to make these molds long-lasting and durable, they use steel to manufacture them otherwise their repeated use can affect the quality of final products. While creating a mold, the engineers in a mold company should ensure that any defect can be prevented in the final product by making the transition right with the help of space provided in the mold.

They can easily judge the exact shape and size of the mold by making its digital model. While creating a mold design the engineers will have to be very precise as you will have to recall your product if its mold has even a minor defect. When mold is finally designed then you will have to choose the type of plastic you will want to use to create final products.

Selection of right material

The manufacturers of plastic products will have to choose the right type of plastic to be used in injection molding machines. At present various types of plastic is used in China to manufacture various types of plastic prototypes as well as final products depending upon the quality of the product they want to produce.

In order to mix various types of raw materials in the right proportion injection molding companies in China engage chemical engineers. It allows them to choose the best combination for their prototype molds by combining various types of polymers in different proportions. In other words, it can be said that every plastic cannot be suitable for producing any type of plastic product. You can produce the right product through an injection molding machine by using the right type of materials.

Testing of prototype

The plastic prototypes created by using the right materials have to be tested before producing the final products in large quantities to ensure its proper working of the design as well as the mixture used to produce it. Actually, prototype molds are created to ensure the shape and usability of the final product so that it can be adjusted as required before starting to produce the final product.

Checking the maintenance and running order of the parts of the injection molding machine is also a standard procedure to be followed before starting the production of the final product. It can help in avoiding mishaps and accidents as well as ensuring the quality of the product during the final manufacturing process.

Quality CNC Prototype Maker From China Molding Company

Quality CNC Prototype Maker From China Molding Company

Prototypes are used extensively in various industries and they…

Start manufacturing

The process of manufacturing the final product starts by using the prototype molds in the machines used for plastic injection molding in China. You will have to feed plastic pellets into the machine to start manufacturing the final product in large quantities. The pallets can be fed into the heater to melt it manually or automatically according to the type of your machine. While heating the plastic raw materials high pressure and friction are used most of the time.

The liquid molten plastic is injected into the molds through a nozzle to allow it to enter into the cavity of the mold. Then the molten plastic is allowed to harden by cooling down in the mold. When the plastic becomes hard then the mold, closed with the help of steel clamps known as platens, is opened into pieces to take out the final product. In this way, you can manufacture the desired number of pieces of the final product of the same quality by using this method repeatedly.

Introduction of a Chinese plastic injection molding company

LOXIN Mold Company is one of the leading plastic injection molding companies in China that provide manufacturing services of high-quality prototype molds to their clients throughout the world including the USA and European countries. This mold company is famous among its customers due to the best quality of its molding designs.

They keep the satisfaction of their customers at priority. They assure to provide high-quality plastic prototypes at very reasonable prices by focusing on lean manufacturing process along with using the best quality management system of ISO9001:2008.

In this way, Loxin Mold Company provides quality molds as per the demand of its customers with the help of its quality control staff and management team. They take care of the compliance of the specification, implement the improvements in the manufacturing practices to produce the best products to their customers.

Top Quality Plastic Injection Molding China Manufacturer LOXIN MOLD

Top Quality Plastic Injection Molding China Manufacturer

There is no doubt that MOULD MAKING is critical for a wide variety…

How Much Plastic Injection Mold Parts Design Cost?

A plastic mold can cost from $2,000 to $100,000 depending on…
How Dose Plastic Injection Moulding Process steps from ChinaHow Dose Plastic Injection Moulding Process steps from China

How Dose Plastic Injection Moulding Process Steps From China

Most of the plastic products as well as the products having plastic…